10 tips on how to land a job as a special education teacher

As Director of Elementary School for 11 years, I hired many teachers. I also witnessed how the district and administrators’ partners were hiring their teachers.

I have some advice on how to get a job as a special education teacher.

Board number one – Excel in teaching students

This is my recommendation number one to land a job as a special education teacher, because administrators want teachers who have demonstrated the ability to teach. If you do not do it well in the teaching of students and related field experiences, you defend a very low probability of being hired.

Administrators want teachers who know how to do two things:
1. Manage the classroom, which means very few discipline references.
2. Teach children to use the best teaching strategies of best practices.
3. Work as a team player, bringing good habits of work, collaboration and knowledge to the table.

Board number two – Get great recommendations

You need recommendations from at least two cooperating teachers (the most important), a university professor and an employer who has had for at least six months. The work experience is important, especially the work experience in the area of ​​working with children and in particular working with children who have special needs.

A good advice to obtain good recommendations is to deliver a copy of your current curriculum recommendation, highlighting special skills and work experience. When writing a recommendation, I appreciated this, because as a teacher and an elementary school administrator, the time was of the essence.

TIP Number three: Create attention, but easy to browse, presentation letters and resume it and deliver it in person if possible.

The administrators do not want the text pages to read or a large material folder. Send a letter of presentation of a page, a curriculum easy to remove a page that highlights special skills and work experience, and three letters of recommendation.

Tip Number Four: Go to so many fairs of university work as you can.

Even if you do not plan to look outside your area or status for a job, go to as many work fairs as you can. It gives you the opportunity to connect and practice interviewing skills.

Tip number five: Learn everything you can about the school district you want to apply as much as possible.

Investigate school districts for those who plan to apply. You can do this easily online. It will help you to know who you want to work with and will also allow you to adapt your resume and interview to what the school district is looking for.

Tip number six: Do not be afraid to search outside your city or state if you need it. The movement can be temporary if necessary.

I had to take a job in a town at two o’clock in the city where I expected to live. It was difficult, but after two years I was able to get the job I wanted.

Tip number seven – Prepare for your interview.

This is very important and I offer two pointers:

1. Dress for the interview: Use a step above the clothes that are expected to use as a teacher.

In case of doubt, wear a simple suit with a jacket and a flat heel shoe. The reason why I say this is because the administrators want to see the people we can imagine teaching our children and have to be comfortable to do so. If you have the opportunity to see the director of your prospective school in advance, dress similarly to the one we carry. Administrators tend to wear a step above their teachers.

2. Practice your interview skills. Write the questions of the sample. Respondels in writing and then orally. Being sucked will probably have 5-10 questions to answer in 15-20 minutes. Plan accordingly.

Tip number eight – interviewing well.

Take your hand with the interview (ERS). Talk about special skills and past works and performance of students. Stresses the three previous things that administrators are looking for. Take a small bottle of water with you. I do not suggest taking a large portfolio of folders. Instead, condenses in a five-page document with colorful images that can go with the interview team. Highlight the activities that make you highlight as a teacher above the other candidates.

Tip Number NINE: Send a thank you note after your interview.

I can not tell you how important this is. If you do not get the job, it will keep you in the manager’s mind who interviewed him and when another director calls him, the name of him will be at the forefront of his mind.

TIP Number: If you can not get the job you want immediately, replace the teaching, but you should excel it if you expect to land a full-time teaching job.

I can not emphasize this enough. If you are a bad substitute teacher, you will not get a job as a teacher, especially if you take a long-term task (as a maternity leave) and do it wrong in it. However, if you take a long-term task and stand out, you will get more tasks and will land a full-time job. Be sure to obtain a recommendation from the director of your building if you perform a long-term task in your building

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