Lowongan Operator (Kimia, Teknik Kimia) Cilincing, Jakarta Utara-APICAL Group

    Operator (Kimia, Teknik Kimia) Cilincing, Jakarta Utara-APICAL Group

    Jakarta Utara (Jakarta Raya) - KBN-Marunda, Cilincing Area | Ditayangkan: 05-June-2020 | Tutup pada 05-July-2020

    Apical has 10 processing facilities worldwide: 5 refineries, 3 biodiesel plants, a kernel crushing plant and an oleochemical plant; with an overall capacity of 7.56 million metric tonnes (MT) per annum.
    Our biodiesel plants have a combined capacity of 972,400 MT per annum and our kernel crushing plant has an installed capacity of 340,000 MT per annum.
    All of Apical’s refineries use state-of-the-art technologies, reflecting the company’s commitment to developing world-leading facilities and products.
    Apical’s business model is built on four core strengths:
    • Having a reliable, traceable, and broad Crude Palm Oil (CPO) sourcing network in Indonesia;
    • Integrating primary and secondary refinery assets that are efficient and strategically located in Indonesia, China and Spain;
    • Managing efficient logistics channels to deliver quality products to a well-diversified clientele; and
    • Driving sustainability throughout business operations; including risk based assessment for supply bases, mapping and a prioritisation approach to sieve out any illegal sources, and engaging suppliers proactively for capacity building and progressive transformation in our supply chain.
    Apical is managed by RGE Pte Ltd, founded by Sukanto Tanoto, which also manages other world-class resource-based manufacturing companies, delivering quality end-products to businesses and millions of people around the world.
    Apical is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. Apical only sources from transparent and traceable supply networks. It requires its suppliers, including smallholders, to adopt best practices in sustainability. It also monitors its networks to ensure compliance, provides better market access for products and helps improve community infrastructure.

    • Melakukan analisa sampel bahan baku
    • Mengoperasikan mesin/alat/kendaraan yang menjadi tanggung jawabnya
    • Menjaga serta memelihara kebersihan dan keamanan lingkungan kerja
    • Membuat laporan harian, mingguan & bulanan
    • Pendidikan maksimum D3 Kimia / Kimia Industri / Teknik Kimia
    • Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi dan interpersonal yang baik
    • Proaktif, mandiri, dan bertanggung jawab
    • Mau bekerja dalam sistem shift (pagi, siang & malam)
    • Mau bekerja di KBN-Marunda, Cilincing, Jakarta Utara

    We believe that employees are our valuable asset and that everyone in our company is a key player in helping companies to reach the pinnacle of success. We are looking for professionals who are motivated, dynamic, responsible and disciplined willing to go forward and join us and become one of our great teams.

    KBN Marunda, Jl.Semarang Blok A6 No.1, Cilincing, Jakarta Utara


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