Lowongan Senior Legal Counsel (Sorowako Based)-PT Vale Indonesia Tbk

    Senior Legal Counsel (Sorowako Based)-PT Vale Indonesia Tbk

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    PT Vale produces nickel in matte, an intermediate product, from lateritic ores at our integrated mining and processing facilities near Sorowako on the island of Sulawesi. Our entire production is sold in US dollars under long-term contracts for refining in Japan.
    Since the establishment in July 1968, PT Vale has been operating under the contract of Work agreement with the Government of Indonesia to explore, mine, process, and produce nickel. The total area of CoW is 190.510 hectares.
    Product Stewardship
    Our main product is nickel in matte, which is an intermediate product used to manufacture refined nickel that has an average content of 78% nickel, 1% cobalt and 20% sulfur and other metals.Vale applies sustainable product development and product stewardship that integrate with the company’s business and culture. We pour millions of dollars into assisting product research and development and the exploration of nickel reserves.
    Our commitment is to implement best standards in overseeing the products we manufacture. From mining to packaging, we attempt to be innovative in the creation of a high-quality product.
    We apply Vale Production System, or VPS, in product stewardship. This involves the four main elements of the company, namely employees, operations, maintenance and management; and the three supporting fields of health, safety and the environment. This ensures that the product is safe for the environment and is recyclable.
    Vale’s commitment in product stewardship is to develop and make innovative use of nickel for society. Vale’s Product Stewardship Program is based on the following concepts:
    Nickel is a naturally occurring metal. Our role as a nickel mining company is to use the nickel provided by nature to generate products for use by society.
    Nickel is a material that can be recycled without degradation of its quality.
    Using nickel has significant benefits for the daily life of society.
    Vale is committed to producing and distributing quality products in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
    Stewardship in Practice
    We prioritize products that are safe for society and the environment. In 1997, our product stewardship processes and procedures became formalized. We did this in line with global trends demanding nickel producers generate safe and environmentally-friendly products.
    Vale has responded to market demands and is now a leader in the metals business. We are committed to minimizing potentially adverse impacts on the company's operations, products, employees, customers, communities and the environment.
    Public Education and Research
    The key to product stewardship is to ensure that we inform customers and the public on nickel as a recyclable material and its uses.
    At the same time, we work in cooperation with other nickel producers and organizations to research and promote the uses of nickel, community and environmental health, the use of recycling and sustainable development.
    We ensure that products are shipped as safely and efficiently as possible. This means packaging is the company’s priority.
    The company has developed strict packaging and labeling requirements. Following international standards, appropriate labels contain information for customers and documentation regarding the product.
    We have responded to customer feedback on improving product quality. We are aware that society’s need to use environmentally-sound products continues to increase. This has resulted in the continuous and forward-leading development of this company.
    Our final product is a step towards preserving the environment. We are committed to minimizing any impact on employees, the community and the environment that can potentially disadvantage company operations and production.
    The unique market for nickel in matte means we have no competition with other nickel producers in Indonesia. However, we are against unhealthy business practices.
    We have also successfully maintained accreditation status from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) for meeting the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards of product quality. For this reason, we are permitted to use KAN logos to guarantee for our customers the quality of each analysis certificate.

    Purpose of the Role
    Provide and assist legal services and advices to the Company, including Board of Directors,
    Managers and all Staffs, mainly on legal issues related to the Projects being developed by the
    Company in Bahodopi and Pomalaa, Governance, and among other issues, accurately and in timely
    1. Provide legal support to the Project team.
    2. Provide accurate and timely legal advises on land acquisition, environmental law, governance, among other issues.
    3. Administrate and liaise with legal firms or outside counsels as necessary to get appropriate legal assistance when needed.
    4. Participate on internal and external meetings with counter parties, government authorities, among other stakeholders.
    5. Assist on draft contracts review and other legal documents on various matters, including, among others, support the Procurement Team, to ensure that the Company’s interests are safeguarded.
    Technical Specialization
    • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Law or equivalent.
    • At least 8 Year(s) of working experience in dealing with commercial law
    • Having knowledge and experience in commercial law, environmental law, and administrative law
    • Professional and Certified Attorney
    • Advanced English skills
    • Strong initiative, negotiation and team work skills
    • Excellent analytical thinking and problem solving

    Our Promise
    Employee achievement is a pride for us. Vale Indonesia appreciates the extraordinary efforts from our employees to be able to exceed what the expectations. Able to innovate and develop, we provide opportunities and recognition of the employee.
    To attract and retain the best talent, we offer a competitive remuneration for those who have the best performance. Of course not only that, Vale Indonesia is a place for employees to learn, grow, and contribute to improving their talents and abilities.
    Life and safety is our core value. Company develop and implement an occupational health and safety guide (OSH) which are listed in the Major Hazard Standards (MHS), Golden Rules and RAC (Critical Activity Requirements).
    The rights of employee
    1. Employees are entitled to a salary and benefits according to their roles and positions.
    2. Every employee is entitled to a bonus from the company, religious holiday allowance (THR), loans (loan), leave, and health insurance
    3. The company provides health care services to employees and their families in hospitals owned by the company and its associates.
    4. Saving plan is a retirement savings program for employees who are managed by insurance agencies agreed, that the policy held by the company. Employees are also included in the social security program.
    5. The company provides dormitory for single employees and housing for employees who are already married.
    6. The company provides sports facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, soccer field, basketball court, futsal court, and a jogging track.
    7. The company provides educational facilities from kindergarten to high school for the children of employees.
    8. The company ensures gender equality in employment.

    ALAMAT : PT Vale Indonesia Tbk
    Sorowako, East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia


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