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    Sekretaris Direktur-PT Cahaya Jakarta

    Cikarang (Jawa Barat) - Jababeka | Ditayangkan: 14-January-2020 | Tutup pada 13-February-2020

    Cahaya Jakarta has grown strongly over the last 23 years to become one of the leading printing company specializing in self-adhesive label in indonesia.
    We serve a large number of vertical markets, including personal care, health care pharmaceutical, industrial, toys, home & hygiene products, and food & beverages labels.
    In the past 13 years, we have been expanding through new product offerings and expansion into all phases of the labelling spectrum, with service capabilities that meet the needs of the smallest local customers to the largest strategic accounts. We continue our success to make Cahaya Jakarta a greater investment going forward.
    We serve a wide range of market such as personal care, pharmaceutical, oil, toys, household products, and food & beverages labels.
    We offer support and flexibility in printing methods, Digital, Flexography, Screen, Hot and cold foiling and Letterpress Printing, to fulfill our customer’s needs.
    Started in 1991, Cahaya Jakarta is a printing company specializing in self adhesive label printer. Devoted to supply our customers with great service and great products. We strongly believe we are called to be proactive in providing services that impact people on both a professional level and a personal level. Our experience in how labels and were applied to various products and what was needed when creating a label printing industry.
    We understand the challenges and we strive to assist you market your products by using high quality and attractive looking labels. We are confident in the fact that we offer the best label in the industry.

    High Quality Control
    We understand that it requires a great level of trust from our customers. We assure you of producing quality products. We dedicate a department into Quality Control ensuring perfection within all stages of production; beginning, on-going, finishing and packing. In the very center of every quality label producers, there lies eminence Pre-Press. Only the best material is used to produce film and printing plates. However our technology in par with out capability in pre-press are up to date. In addition, our Pre-Press department offers a greater range of flexibility with the recent addition of a digital plate making equipment.
    High Capacity Production
    There are several types of printing technologies :
    •     Digital
    •     Flexography
    •     And Letterpress printing
    To serve different customers needs. Our own pre-press house ensures speedy solution for our customer from design stage, manufacturing and labeling stage.


    Tugas & Tanggung Jawab :
    • Bertanggung jawab membantu/ mendampingi pimpinan perusahaan sebagai Assisten Pribadi
    • Mengatur Jadwal Pimpinan
    • Membuat proposal kebutuhan Pimpinan
    • Mengatur keperluan Pimpinan
    • Mencari informasi yang dibutuhkan oleh Pimpinan
    • Menangani semua kebutuhan pimpinan untuk travel, dll
    • Filing dokumen pimpinan
    Kriteria :
    • Umur minimal 30 tahun
    • Pendidikan S1, Jurusan Sekretaris, Ekonomi/ Manajemen (Diutamakan lulusan Sekretaris Tarakanita)
    • Pengalaman minimal 5 tahun di bidang yang sama
    • Mampu mengoperasikan komputer berbasis Microsoft Office (Excel dan Word), Internet
    • Berbahasa Inggris aktif, baik lisan maupun tulisan
    • Mampu berbahasa Mandarin menjadi nilai tambah
    • Teliti, mengutamakan detail dan kerapihan
    • Mampu bekerja dibawah tekanan
    • Aktif, inisiatif dan cekatan
    • Disiplin dan bertanggung jawab
    • Memiliki SIM A
    • Penempatan di Jababeka 2, Cikarang.

    Vision : To be the world leader in specialty printing and innovative
    packaging company.
    Mission : To be the first choice global provider of variable printing
    solutions, delivering high quality products and customer satisfaction.
    We understand the challenges and we strive to assist you to market your product by using high quality and visually appealing labels. We are extending our service above and beyond, and continuing our mprovements to enable our customer to get the best solution for their needs and to operate with more precise timeline to increase their sales.
    At Cahaya Jakarta Printing, we are committed to producing only high quality products. Only the best material and most updated technology is used to produce film and printing plates. With our expertise in labeling industry, we provide innovative solution in printing methods; digital, flexography, screen, hot and cold foiling and letterpress printing, to fulfill a wide variety of customer’s need. The recent addition of a HD digital plate making equipment enables us to offer speedy solution and flexibility tailored to individual customer needs. On top of that, we dedicate a department into quality control ensuring quality within all stages of production from design stage, manufacturing and labeling stage.

    ALAMAT : PT Cahaya Jakarta
    Jl. Industri Selatan, Bekasi Regency, West Java, Indonesia


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