Lowongan 销售经理助理 ( 中文和英文 )Assistant Sales Manager( Balikpapan - must in Mandarin English )-PT. XCMG GROUP INDONESIA

    销售经理助理 ( 中文和英文 )Assistant Sales Manager( Balikpapan - must in Mandarin English )-PT. XCMG GROUP INDONESIA

    Balikpapan (Kalimantan Timur) - Balikpapan | Ditayangkan: 16-September-2020 | Tutup pada 16-October-2020

    Founded in 1943, We are BUMN from China, XCMG is a multinational corporation company in Indonesia, with the most comprehensive range of competitive, influential products in the construction machinery industry. Our business covers eight key areas: construction machinery, heavy trucks, mining machinery, sanitation machinery, machinery components, construction, finance, and the ICT industry.
    For more than 30 years, XCMG has been sowing the seeds of overseas development as the No. 1 exporter in China's construction machinery industry. Today, we have over 40 branches and offices, 300 distributors, 500 contractors, and we sell products in 185 countries and XCMG is ranked sixth in worldwide

    岗位职责 Job Responsibilities :
    • 负责公司销售合同及其他营销文件资料的管理, 归类, 整理, 建档和保管工作Responsible for make Sales Contract, All Sales Document make Sorting, Filling, Category, Manage and Safekeeping.
    • 负责各类销售指标的月度,季度, 年度 统计报表和报告制作, 编写,随时汇报上级对销售动态情况的质询  Responsible for monthly, quarterly, and annual various sales indicators, Statistic Sales Report, Make and write report, any time report to Superior about sales condition.
    • 负责收集,整理,归纳市场行情,价格,以及新产品, 客户来源等讯息资料, 提出分析报告,      为销售人员和上级提供参考。 Responsible for Collecting, sorting, summarizing market conditions, product price, new product, Customer sources and other information, submitting analysis reports to provide reference for sales team and Manager.    
    • 协助销售经理做好上门客户的接待和电话来访工作, 及时和销售经理汇报客户讯息, 妥善处理  Support Sales Manager to do on-site Customer reception and visit calls, always report detail Customer Information to Sales Manager, and Handle Properly.
    • 负责客户的投诉记录, 协助销售经理妥善处理, 协助销售部门的会议记录。Responsible for Customer complaint records, support Sales Manager to handle properly, support sales department to make meeting records.
    • 妥善保管销售资料讯息, 不对外泄露销售机密   Keep the sales data and information properly, and don't disclose sales confidential information.
    • 完成日常协助销售经理的工作任务  Complete daily task to support Sales Manager.
    人员条件要求 / Personnel requirements :
    • 年龄 25到35岁, 外表端庄有礼, 中文和英文沟通能力好    Age between 25 to 35 years old, dignified and polite, good communication skills in Chinese and English.
    • 至少大学毕业 S1, 外语系    At least Bachelors Degree S1, major Chinese or English language
    • 要求会开车, Balikpapan 或者东加 当地华人, 熟悉 Balikpapan地区, 熟悉路况, 有驾驶证   Must be able to drive, Local Chinese in Balikpapan ( East Kalimantan ), Familiar with Balikpapan Area, Understand the road condition in Balikpapan, and have Driving License SIM A and SIM C.
    • 2年以上工作经验, 有数据分析经验, 有机型行业岗位经验者优先   At least 2 years working experience, Have Data Analysis Experience, Preferred Experience in the Machinery Industry.
    • 中文流利 (说,听, 读, 写) Fluent in Chinese Mandarin ( speaking, listening, reading, writing)
    • 精通 Word, Excel, PPT 等办公软件  Familiar use Word, Excel, PPT and other office software
    • 有好的数据分析功底, 对数字敏感思路严谨   Have good data analysis skill, Rigorous thinking about digital sensitivity
    • 熟悉销售流程, 具有一定的市场销售分析能力, 计划执行能力  Good Understand with Sales SOP, Have certain Market Sales Analysis Ability, Plan Execution Ability.



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