Lowongan Product Development Supervisor Zoya Cosmetics-PT Shafira Laras Persada

    Product Development Supervisor Zoya Cosmetics-PT Shafira Laras Persada

    Bandung (Jawa Barat) - Ujung Berung | Ditayangkan: 29-January-2020 | Tutup pada 28-February-2020

    Through idealism and creativity, SHAFIRA has grown from a small muslim fashion studio into what it is now. Its name was inspired by the word “SHAF”, that does not only mean a line, but also indicates a properly structured organization.Pioneered by Feny Mustafa at Salman Mosque ITB on 8 January 1989, SHAFIRA has turned into a major company with 24 showrooms in 15 major cities across Indonesia.
    With more than 30.000 active members spread across Indonesia and other countries, SHAFIRA has tried to build a good and healthy relationship with its members through activities such as health training, fashion consultation, jilbab classes and other regular member activities. In addition to the members of SHAFIRA, the company would not have been as succesful without the help and support of the mass media. SHAFIRA relatef publications have supported the company, and made it well known in public. Along with its development, Shafira’s consistency in one of the business mission that is giving benefits for others in Corporate Social Responsibility program is well managed by Shafira Foundations.
    Through elegant and exclusive designs, SHAFIRA has tried its best to accommodate the needs of both men and women alike. now, at 24th years ols, SHAFIRA is trying to bring a new wave of style, with “total look” as the concept. SHAFIRA understands that attire is an important aspect of someone’s life, and tries to incorporate both design and comfort into its line of apparel. The combination of simple and elegant design in addition high quality fabric has allowed SHAFIRA to create something for every season, be it formal, or casual. Various accessories and jilbabs that are designed to harmonize with the chosen outfits are also available.

    • Maximum 35 years old
    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree (Biology, Pharmacy/Pharmacology, Chemistry, or equivalent)
    • Plans and develops new goods for use by the public
    • Research and development along with marketing and testing
    • Involved in creating fresh merchandise that will fill a particular need within a company, or be sold to make a profit.
    • Creates a new product in order to iron out flaws in the final design and determines the process for creating a new item
    • Keep up to date with changes in the market and technology that would affect new product development
    • Have knowledge about the regulation for cosmetic and skincare
    • Passion in cosmetics, skincare, lifestyle products and trends
    • Having brief knowledge about FMCG business, especially in cosmetic and skincare
    • Good at negotiation skill, administration skill (handling PO, etc.)
    • Creative mind
    • High proficiency in English both verbal and written
    • Work location in Bandung, Indonesia

    Our Ambitions
    We aspire to be the best, biggest and most profitable fashion, clothing and apparel business in the mid-high end market segment in Indonesia in the nearest term.
    Our aspiration shall be achieved through:
    • Truly understanding the needs of our customers (physical, emotional, spiritual & intellectual).
    • Providing suitable solutions for these needs as efficiently as possible. In the long term, we aspire to be the best company to work for in Indonesia within its diverse industries.

    Our Aspirations & Values
    We aspire to preserve people well being and smarten up their valuable look. We strive to be the first name that comes to the consumer mind when thinking about fashion the leader and pioneer of the clothing and fashion business.

    Our strength in overcoming adversity comes from our people - humility, honesty, integrity, ethical, hard working, smart, fun, curious, wanting to improve continuously, and with a focus on friendship and team-up. We will not allow ourselves to be complacent by pursuing higher goals all the time and after all we will seek for every opportunity to contribute to the society. 

    ALAMAT : PT Shafira Laras Persada
    Jl. Rumah Sakit No139, Bandung, Ujung Berung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia


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