Lowongan Senior Digital Ads Specialist (Location free) Google Ads Facebook Ads-KKBC (HK) LIMITED

    Senior Digital Ads Specialist (Location free) Google Ads Facebook Ads-KKBC (HK) LIMITED

    Jakarta Raya, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur | Ditayangkan: 07-February-2020 | Tutup pada 08-March-2020

    About KKBC
    Founded in 2009, KKBC is an independent, high-growth digital agency, servicing the marketing, advertising, and PR needs of American multinational clients in business service sectors (B2B), from our locations in Japan, Indonesia, and throughout Asia.
    Vision, Mission, Values
    KKBC imagines a world of brands that inspire. KKBC partners with clients to build their brands with facts, strategy, and creative communication.
    KKBC values are key to long term value for all of our stakeholders. KKBC values create successful and loyal clients, passionate and fulfilled staff, and a profitable business. KKBC’s values are; 1) Results-driven, 2) Efficient & Timely, 3) Multilingual & Multicultural, 4) Synergy, 5) Creative.
    KKBC Services
    KKBC provides an integrated solution for marketing communication management in Japan. Service lines include Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Creative, Promotion, and Media, with specific focus on media that benefit B2B industries in Japan.

    Opportunity at an int’l agency focused on US multinational technology brands advertising in Japan. Location free, multicultural, English-speaking, competitive compensation. Apply now!
    • Complete management of performance-focused, digital paid advertising campaigns against defined success metrics.
    • Responsible for planning, implementation, optimization and performance analysis of digital paid advertising campaigns.
    • Cover one or more digital advertising disciplines including:
      • (1) paid social - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
      • (2) paid search (PPC) - Google Ads, Yahoo Japan Ads
      • (3) programmatic display - Google Ads, DV360
    • Manage relationships with advertising platform vendors and other third parties.
    • Support account managers, and directors as needed.
    • Assist in identifying additional channels and tactics that assist in achieving client’s advertising objectives.
    Stay current with all digital advertising industry developments and best practices.
    • Work location-free, from home, co-working, or location of your choosing
    • Annual bonus, multiple salary reviews in 1st year, and salary review annually
    • Annual paid leave/vacation
    • Annual off-site team building event
    Minimum Requirements:
    • Business-level English
    • Minimum of 2 years of working experience in related field
    • Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Advertising, or related major
    • Must possess advertising certifications, ie. Google Advertising Certification
    • Clear understanding of digital advertising platforms & ecosystem
    • Must maintain a home office with high-speed internet
    • Prefer previous experience working in advertising agency
    Successful candidates are:
    • Tech savvy, self-motivated, disciplined
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
    • Think critically, is self-starting & a fast-learner
    • Pay close attention to detail and is highly organized
    • Effectively work within a team as well as individually

    Is KKBC a good fit for you?
    Not sure? We asked our employees why they like to work at KKBC and this is what they said.
    Multicultural Team
    • “I love working with a multicultural team, because I grew up in a multicultural environment, and I always learn something new when I meet someone from a different country.”
    • “KKBC’s multicultural team is the best part of working at KKBC, and it really helps me expand myself.”
    • “KKBC pushes me to develop myself, and is a place that I can build by personal value.”
    Flexible Working, Location-Free
    • “I think the main reason I joined KKBC is because of the flexibility, I love the idea of working from anywhere I want. In my previous job I had to spend 2 to 4 hours a day in the street. I can have more time to focus on my work and on my life.”
    • “Working at KKBC means you can from anywhere you want. It’s really efficient, you don’t have to commute everyday, so you can save time.”
    • “I can work anywhere I want, spend more time with my family, and get more done at work.”
    Multinational Projects
    • “I love working with clients around the world, and love it when we get a big project and it goes perfectly well.”
    • “It makes me really proud to be part of their project, their strategy, and part of their company.”
    • “[Working on big projects] feels surreal and mind-blowing.”
    Strong Growth & Great Team
    • “I joined KKBC in January of this year, and I feel the growth of the company, and I feel really good about it.”
    • “A growing company is the best place to be, because we get to grow the pillars of the company.”
    • “The one thing I love most about the team is that everyone is very supportive, we always help each other, and whenever I have a problem I always discuss with my team, and they always help me. So it’s really amazing.”
    • “In KKBC, the people are open and supportive, and I learn much from everyone, and I learn from doing.”
    Wow! This sounds great! I want to be a KKBC'er!
    Great! If you feel you are a good fit, please apply NOW. 



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