Do you think ahead for post-Corona life?

Many of you focus on how to survive the next few months.


I don’t tap it – this is a crazy time, so pay to have a strategy.

After saying it …

Do you think about what happened next?

Because when the world returns to more or less normal?

Because it will return. With every crisis, Folk will change everything forever. But don’t exaggerate it. 9/11 changes the world … and even so, some are mostly back to normal. Same again with 2008 and (for some Americans) Selection of Trump and a dozen other disasters.

‘Normal new’ is always closer to the old one from the old one than it looks.

This pandemic is no different. It will be damaged because the pandemic is always done. The countries hit first have bounced back – we all have to wait. I doubt the Coronavirus will disappear, but it will not dominate forever. It can not.

I am sure smart entrepreneurs and executives are thinking ahead when the crowd becomes something else.

How about you?

When I say things will return to normal, I speak on average. For some people, this experience will destroy it. They will get used to isolation and maintain that habit, far into the future.

Why go to the restaurant, when Junk Food can arrive at your door?

What’s the use of playing board games, after a few months eating a video game?

Who cares about the cinema when the internet is here?

Some people will spend the rest of their lives exercising fewer, getting a less fresh air and sun, and reject physical contact at all costs.

All of you?

You’re thinking about all the things you have just received – even something as small as a restaurant with friends.

You will travel more and explore more.

Social distance cannot end soon, and when you will shake each hand. Maybe even hug more. Why not?

You will come out to nature, exercise more, have a healthier hobby and embrace every moment.

Maybe you will even quit the job you hate (because you see what is locked in a box with air recycling catches you?) Or at least use this to work more flexible.

I was lucky enough to have a fixed money, so I saved money for some training and travel. You better believe I watch the number of active cases in each country, look forward to our day all more free.

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